Every company with a PBX can become your customer

PBX’s, or private branch exchanges, are globally the most widely used communication systems in companies. And now imagine that each of these companies owning a PBX can become your customer and a significant source of your income. This smart key to a bottomless treasury is called PBX Booster.

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Need: Cost Savings, Mobile PBX, Office Communication

Customer: Operator, System Integrator

PBX Booster is a device that can be connected to any PBX on the market, thereby giving its users a new interface, new services or software applications that can be used by everyone. You do not have to touch the existing PBX system because the PBX Booster is connected between the PSTN and existing PBX in DialThru mode via one of the possible interfaces (analogue, PRI, BRI, VoIP). All calls thus automatically go through the PBX Booster.

What is fundamental is that each PBX Booster sold represents additional business opportunities for you. Thanks to the licensing policy you can first sell the PBX Booster as a gateway to GSM/UMTS and after some time you can gradually offer additional services to the same customer. It frequently happens that after some time an installed PBX Booster completely replaces the original PBX.

Among the most frequent uses of the PBX Booster are GSM/UMTS or VoIP Gateway in combination with services such as CallBack, Mobility Extension or conference. Very frequently used software is PC Operator for the management of incoming calls.

Suggested products for: Operator

Suggested products for: System Integrator

Benefits to customers
  • Expansion of PBX functions
  • New communication possibilities
  • Minimum start investment
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