Effective Public Announcements

In warehouses or waiting rooms there is a need to make loud announcements – typically to report a new order or call another patient. This need has also arisen in remote sites such as transformer stations or the base stations of mobile operators. Although they are fenced off and monitored by cameras, experience has show that not even these measures deter unwelcome visitors from these buildings. Although the security operative can see that an intruder has entered the object, before he can get to the scene the intruder is usually gone.

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Need: PA Systems

Customer: Design firm

Experience has shown that verbal warning information is far more effective if combined with visual information (the security operative can announce: “You in the blue turtleneck, I can see you!”) 2N® SIP Audio Converter allows remote announcements to be made to any places where there is a data network, and it exists in two variants. As a separate unit, which you can connect to any external speaker (4-8 Ω) or as a ready solution, i.e. directly built into the 2N speaker.

Suggested products for: Design firm

Benefits for design firm
  • Powerful built-in amplifier
  • Universal input/output – external sensors may be connected
  • Installation on common structured cabling (Cat 5 and higher)
  • Input for external microphone
  • Warehouses, waiting rooms, remote sites
  • Power supply via PoE or adapter
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