Ditch Your Fixed Line, But Keep Its Services

You may have been considering for some time whether or not it's worth being tied to a single fixed line provider, or whether it would be better to cancel it and solve your communication needs using a mobile network. If this is the case, we have an ideal solution for you - whether you are running a home or a business - the GSM gateway by 2N Telekomunikace, to which a classic telephone, fax or PC can all be connected.

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Need: Fixed line replacement

Customer: Retail & SOHO

After easy installation, you can call, fax or surf the net and free yourself from the fixed line, although you will continue using its services as before. How is this possible? A GSM gateway, just like a mobile phone, is equipped with a SIM card. In addition, it has an analogue port for connecting your fixed phone, fax or an interface for connecting a PC. If you move house or office then you will appreciate one of its greatest advantages - the GSM gateway can be taken along with you to a cottage at the other end of the country and you will still be available to your customers at the same number. GSM gateways are also suitable as a primary connection in remote areas, where there is no chance to run a fixed line.

Cut yourself free from those old ties and benefit from the advantages of a GSM gateway in your household or office. The times have changed and new opportunities in communication are bringing you new opportunities to save money.

Suggested products for: Retail & SOHO

Benefits for the customer
  • Fixed line services
  • Use it where fixed lines do not reach
  • Reduction in communication costs
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