Be Ready When the Lift Stops

At that moment when, for some unknown reason, the lift cabin just grinds to a halt, you'll appreciate having an emergency lift phone. In emergencies it provides a reliable connection with which to call out professional help – a service technician or 24-hour rescue service. And there is another situation where such a device will earn your gratitude – when that strict safety officer comes round to inspect compliance with EN 81-28 and EN 81-70 standards in your building.

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Need: Lift Emergency Calling

Customer: Small and Medium Enterprise, Large Multinational Corporation

2N lift emergency communication systems address the need, in line with the relevant regulations, for communication in emergency situations between someone inside the lift and personnel at a central service organization. For a single lift, 2N offers the 2N® SingleTalk lift phone, whose main advantages are easy installation, easy programming by means of the voice menu and the ability to communicate with the machine room and receive its electric supply by telephone line.

If you need a more complex solution for a group of lifts, the 2N® LiftNet is just right for you, as it is intended for emergency calling both from a single lift cabin, and for buildings with multiple lifts. The 2N Liftnet makes it possible to connect up to 8 lift shafts with complete communication between the cabin, shaft, top of the cabin and machine room via a single telephone line or GSM gateway.

Be ready to deal with every situation that might happen in connection to the lift operation in your building. Avoid many of the statutory complications with this simple solution.

Suggested products for: Small and Medium Enterprise

Suggested products for: Large Multinational Corporation

Benefits for the customer
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Safe solution corresponding to statutory regulations
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