2N® EasyRoute

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The 2N® EasyRoute is a wireless UMTS router that represents a highly reliable alternative to ADSL at available price. It is the ideal solution for smaller companies or companies with branches that, for whatever the reason, are looking to free themselves from fixed line dependence.

Customer references:

2N® EasyRoute was for Jednota a surprisingly simple method to solve the problem that was complicating the day-to-day running of the shops. It also proved able to reduce telecommunications costs. Jednota now has better conditions for providing services to its customers, and the greater efficiency has given Jednota a competitive advantage.

Robert Zrzavecký, Account manager, Telefónica O2 Czech Republic

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Wireless UMTS router 2N® EasyRoute

Pre-paid Wi-Fi Hot Spot thanks to our wireless UMTS router 2N® EasyRoute

Pre-paid Wi-Fi Hot Spot

The pre-paid Wi-Fi Hot Spot offers a simple way to charge users for an Internet connection and a clear easy-to-use billing system. Approximately 30 users can be simultaneously connected to the Wi-Fi Hot Spot. If needed, the 2N® EasyRoute also provides voice calls and FAX.

UMTS router 2N® EasyRoute - Back-up connection

Back-up connection

2N® EasyRoute offers an active back-up connection via UMTS to your current connection (DSL, cable, Wi-Fi, V-SAT). If a primary connection failure occurs, 2N® EasyRoute will automatically route the data via UMTS. When the connection is reestablished, the data will again be routed via the primary connection.

ADSL replacement thanks to our wireless UMTS router 2N® EasyRoute

ADSL replacement

The 2N® EasyRoute is a complete communication solution for companies that do not have access to the Internet via ADSL. Using the UMTS network, it ensures data connection, phone calls and FAX. This means it is cable-free. An analogue phone, FAX machine and up to 4 PCs can be connected to the device via LAN, and up to 246 devices via Wi-Fi.

Wireless router 2N® EasyRoute as a backup

Back-up router

The 2N® EasyRoute is connected to a primary router as a backup. In case of failure at the primary router, the 2N® EasyRoute immediately creates a back-up connection via UMTS. This automatic connection is ensured using the VRRP protocol.

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