2N® SmartGate UMTS

Smart gateway opens the way to savings

The 2N® SmartGate UMTS is a one-channel analogue UMTS gate that serves to reduce costs of calls to mobile networks, while also offering high-speed internet connectivity. Unlike the 2N® SmartGate, it is additionally fitted with a back-up power supply, so it is resistant to power outages.  

Product highlights:

When there are no free ports in the PBX you can connect the 2N® SmartGate UMTS between the PBX and the network without programming the PBX. You will therefore save one of the PBX ports and all calls to mobiles will still be routed via 2N gateways.

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Analogue UMTS gateway 2N® SmartGate UMTS

It goes without saying that it contains all functions offered by the preceding model. The 2N® SmartGate UMTS makes cost savings possible when used as the access gateway for your fixed telephone line, using an automatic saving device (LCR). The 2N® Mobility Extension service can automatically redirect an incoming call from the fixed network to your mobile phone, so you will be contactable for your business partners at all times. And that is not all: your mobile phone gains the properties of a fixed line phone so, when needed, you can put calls through to colleagues. In addition, the Callback function will save your firm costs on calls from abroad.

If you want to save call costs, ensure that you are contactable by your clients, and also gain independent high-speed internet connectivity, the analogue 2N® SmartGate UMTS is the right solution for you.

  • Substitute for fixed line and ADSL internet connection
  • 2N® Mobility Extension
  • Cuts costs for calls to the mobile network
  • CallBack, automatic saving device (LCR)
  • Integrated back-up battery power supply
  • Can be overseen remotely
  • Retail & SOHO
  • Small and Medium Enterprise
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