2N® Omega Lite UMTS

High-speed Data with PBX Features


The UMTS interface version of the 2N® Omega Lite is no longer the humble classic private branch exchange. With this product you can solve all your company’s communication needs, internally or externally, and not just in terms of voice communication, but data too. By using this product, you step confidently into a completely new dimension.

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PBX with audio and relay card

This case study presents a wide range of options and methods for the use of 2N® Omega Series communications systems. If you equip your PBX with a card having binary inputs, you can connect security equipment to it. When you activate it after leaving the building, the PBX automatically switches to night mode. This means that all lines will be blocked and an SMS message is sent to the landlord stating that everyone has left the building and it is secure.

A movement sensor is connected to another binary input. As soon as anyone enters the secured building the PBX detects the change in state of the binary input and as it is also equipped with an audio card, which is connected to a siren, the alarm is sounded. At the same time an SMS message is sent to the landlord and monitoring centre informing them of the intrusion.

Using PPPoE

With the support of the protocol “Point-to-Point over Ethernet” it is possible to connect any product from our 2N® Omega range to a modem or router that provides the primary Internet connection. These switch into bridge mode and all router functions will be provided by 2N® Omega Lite or 48 with integrated VoIP module.

When using a UMTS module you can very effectively back-up your primary Internet connection.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

2N® Omega Lite also offers a solution for your company’s IVR (auto attendant). The caller may be greeted by a welcome or informed about the latest discount offer. Then the incoming call will be directed based on the choice of the caller depending on whether the caller wishes to be connected to customer care or a particular person. The IVR structure setting including the welcome is intuitive and very simple. IVR is a service which will help you improve your relationship with your customers and take your communication to a higher level.

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