2N® OfficeRoute

Mobile Office with High-speed Data

The 2N® OfficeRoute is a mobile office which solves all the voice and data communication in your company without complicated installations. It allows you to call via VoIP/GSM/UMTS and supports analogue faxes. Thanks to the high-speed Internet connection by means of the UMTS network, the device can also be used as a router.

Customer references:

2N® OfficeRoute has provided a better connection in hard terrain where we often have to deal with both internal and external communication. Communication via 2N® OfficeRoute saves us costs and time and is reliable.

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UMTS gateway 2N® OfficeRoute

Office in the field

Office in the field

Skanska is the fourth largest development and construction group in the world and it is the kind of company which is often in the field and also often moves. Because new buildings are sometimes built right in the middle of countryside getting a connection can be difficult. Find out how our solution Mobile Office by 2N OfficeRoute solved the situation for Skanska and what benefits it has brought.

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