2N® OfficeRoute

Mobile Office with High-speed Data

The 2N® OfficeRoute is a mobile office which solves all the voice and data communication in your company without complicated installations. It allows you to call via VoIP/GSM/UMTS and supports analogue faxes. Thanks to the high-speed Internet connection by means of the UMTS network, the device can also be used as a router.

Customer references:

2N® OfficeRoute has provided a better connection in hard terrain where we often have to deal with both internal and external communication. Communication via 2N® OfficeRoute saves us costs and time and is reliable.

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UMTS gateway 2N® OfficeRoute

Basic connection of our UMTS gateway 2N® OfficeRoute

Basic connection

2N® OfficeRoute works as a small SIP based IP PBX that is completely wireless. The calls within the company are made via existing LAN network. You can connect any FAX, IP phone or integrate any mobile phone into the network.

Mobile office thanks to our UMTS gateway 2N® OfficeRoute

Mobile office

Thanks to 2N® OfficeRoute you can have a one-box mobile office communications solution. It covers all the functions you need to stay connected without a fixed line - Internet access, PBX features, SMS sending and FAX - all in one wireless box. You can have all the convenience of being in an ordinary office without the limitation of being tied to one location. It is suitable for small offices which frequently need to move from one place to another, such as construction companies.

IVR solution thanks to our UMTS gateway 2N® OfficeRoute

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

2N® OfficeRoute also offers a solution for your company’s IVR (auto attendant). The caller may be greeted by a welcome or informed about the latest discount offer. Then the incoming call will be directed based on the choice of the caller depending on whether the caller wishes to be connected to customer care or a particular person. The IVR structure setting including the welcome is intuitive and very simple. IVR is a service which will help you improve your relationship with your customers and take your communication to a higher level.

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