2N® EasyGate UMTS USB

Call and surf even without a Fixed Line

The 2N® EasyGate UMTS USB is an analogue UMTS/GSM gateway for high-speed data and voice transmission. It is a full-value alternative to the fixed line - addressing the needs of customers who want to call and at the same time be connected to the Internet, but due to various reason do not have a fixed line.

Product highlights:

This solution is flexible and easy to deploy - all for an available price. The USB connection to the computer means it is both quick and simple to use for the end customer. It offers also a possibility to connect an analogue phone or even a PBX.

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Analogue UMTS/GSM gateway 2N® EasyGate UMTS USB

Basic connection of our analogue gateway 2N® EasyGate UMTS USB

Basic connection

The 2N® EasyGate UMTS USB is a complete communication solution which provides calling and an Internet connection via the UMTS network. Any analogue phone can be connected to the device and so can any PC through the USB interface.

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