2N® EasyGate PRO UMTS

GSM gateway instead of a landline

The 2N® EasyGate PRO UMTS is a single-channel analogue UMTS gateway that can be used to completely replace a landline over a mobile network in places where there are no cables. The gateway enables calls to all networks over a GSM/UMTS network,  high-speed data connection and transmission of text messages. The 2N® EasyGate PRO UMTS can be remotely detected and configured over a mobile network.

Product highlights:

The 2N® EasyGate PRO UMTS can be easily detected and configured with the help of a data link via a GSM/UMTS network, avoiding the need for on-the-spot set-up. The UMTS gateway connects to the computer based on the validation of data from a text message sent from the configuration tool.

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Analogue UMTS Gateway 2N® EasyGate PRO UMTS

Cost savings thanks to analogue UMTS gateway 2N® EasyGate PRO UMTS

Cost savings

In this scenario companies connect the UMTS gateway 2N® EasyGate PRO UMTS to their existing PBXs with an analogue interface. All calls to mobile networks are routed via the 2N gateways and customers can save up to 70 percent on their calling costs.

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