2N® NetStar

Modular communication system for cost savings

The 2N® NetStar is a digital communication system primarily intended for medium and larger companies. It allows you to use a whole range of interfaces for voice transmission (e.g. analogue telephone line, ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, GSM and VoIP), which are integrated into a single compact system. What’s more, thanks to the modularity of the 2N® NetStar telephone exchange, you will be able to choose the exact solution your company needs right now, and you can then expand it at any time in the future. In addition, you can use advanced SW applications and many other services, from recording calls, to the establishment of a contact centre.

General overview of functions and services

Product highlights:

The modular 2N® NetStar communication system will help you not only significantly improve the effectiveness of processes within your company, but also to save money and time. Thanks to the ability to integrate VoIP technology and a GSM gateway into the system, you can reduce call charges to fixed and mobile networks by up to 80%!

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PBX system 2N® NetStar

2N® Contact Centre Solution

The Smallest Contact Centre in the World

The 2N® Contact Centre Solution software application serves to monitor and supervise the contact centre. A manager can monitor the statuses of the individual operators and campaigns from the viewpoint of their efficiency, not only on a computer, but also on a tablet or smartphone. Since it is a web-based solution, there is no need for multiple installations and data from the contact centre can be accessed from anywhere.

Statistics can be monitored from four viewpoints—the viewpoint of operator statuses, where a supervisor can monitor the length of calls or pauses by individual operators, the viewpoint of projects where the efficiency of individual campaigns is monitored, the viewpoint of operators and their load and the viewpoint of individual calls.

2N® Contact Centre Solution for monitoring of calls

2N® NetStar Records Manager

Clear filtering of recorded calls

2N® NetStar Records Manager is used for simple administration and fast filtration of recorded calls according to various criteria, such as numbers (calling and called parties), date and time. The application also allows recording and the subsequent administration of video calls from 2N IP intercoms. These must be registered for the 2N® NetStar system, which functions as an SIP Proxy.

Immediately after logging in to the system each user will see the recording of his calls and, depending on the allocated user rights, any recordings of calls of other users (e.g. the administrator). You will not only be able to play recordings in your internet browser, but also comment directly in the web environment using the 2N® NetStar Records Manager application or download them to your computer for further use.

Users will also appreciate the fact that only one 2N® NetStar Records Manager application will be needed for all 2N® NetStar communication systems with the firmware version of 4.1.X and higher. After being installed on the server each user will be able to log into it effortlessly via the specific URL in the internet browser. There must be a functional internet connection for it to work.

Please contact your sales representative for a price offer.

2N® NetStar Records Manager for filtering of recorded calls

2N® NetStar Assistant

Work effectively with your user account

2N® NetStar Assistant is a personal user interface for every 2N® NetStar user. In a clear web environment you can monitor your call history, play back your calls, as well as set user profiles or send and receive SMS text messages. 

In 2N® NetStar Assistant, you can easily set up call redirection or activate the Mobility Extension service. If 2N® NetStar is being used as a communication system at a hotel facility, hotel services can be included as part of the 2N® NetStar Assistant application.

2N® NetStar Assistant - your user account
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