2N® NetStar

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The 2N® NetStar is a new generation communication system. It meets all your company’s communication demands and thanks to advanced technologies and software solutions, it can satisfy even the most demanding customers. The 2N® NetStar will demonstrate that you can make processes inside your company significantly more efficient, saving time and money.

Product highlights:

Thanks to the modularity of the whole system, initial investment need not be very high at all. You can choose exactly the solution your company needs, and extend it any time in the future.

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PBX system 2N® NetStar

The 2N® NetStar is a modular system that we will help assemble according to your wishes or needs. You can even integrate a VoIP interface and GSM/UMTS Gateway into the system. These two functionalities, together with the effective automated cost-saving system, which always selects the cheapest route, will rapidly cut your monthly phone bills. If your employees often travel abroad, you can cut roaming charges using the CallBack service. An audio-relay card, which makes it possible to integrate corporate radio or to control office heating by means of SMS, for example, also has very useful features.

To support the mobility of all employees you can use the 2N® Mobility Extension service and Symbian or Windows Mobile applications for mobile phones. With these applications your mobile phone will become a full-value fixed line replacement. Neither will home-based work be a problem, because thanks to the 2N® NetStar Communicator application nobody will know that you have left your office. The 2N® NetStar is a unique system with the possibility for integration into the IT corporate infrastructure such as CRM, as well as into large ERP systems. Another useful feature is its synchronisation with the MS Outlook calendar thanks to the 2N® NetStar Operator application. You can download a detailed description of all the applications mentioned above and a number of other useful functions here.

It is clear that the 2N® NetStar is no ordinary telephone exchange. Since 2004, when it was introduced to the market, it has developed into a professional corporate communication tool with a high level of compatibility.

  • Saves time and money
  • BRI/PRI/VoIP/GSM/UMTS interfaces
  • Support to software applications
  • Automatic attendant
  • Integration to corporate IT
  • Mobility Extension
  • Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Large Multinational Corporation