2N® Contact Centre Solution

The Most Reachable Contact Centre in the World

The 2N® Contact Centre Solution is an ideal contact centre solution for small and medium enterprises with two operators or more, comprising a software application and hardware on a 2N® NetStar platform. The 2N contact centre can be used not only by companies with customer lines, but also by any service and contact departments, help desks and dispatching centres, i.e. everywhere the distribution and monitoring of incoming calls is needed.

Product highlights:

The 2N® Contact Centre Solution software application is accessible over a web interface and offers high scalability and a simple expansion option to include other operators, which can be added one by one. In this way you will not only enjoy marked cost savings, but also build a made-to-measure solution precisely in accordance with your needs. In addition, there are managerial overviews of calls, statuses, operators and various campaigns that you can filter in accordance with the contact centre’s projects.

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The 2N® Contact Centre Solution software application

The use of the 2N® Contact Centre Solution SW application

Contact Centre

A commercial company provides its customers with technical support services in more than one language across a wide product portfolio. The routing of queries is governed by the specific product and language of the caller, or in accordance with his international telephone prefix (e.g. a customer from France is handled by a French-speaking technician).

The use of the 2N® Contact Centre Solution SW application does not only provide a transparent graphic display of the current load on technicians and lines in individual groups, but also an overview of peak times in the contact centre’s operation. A manager can therefore efficiently divide technicians into groups in accordance with obtained information and distribute calls between contact centre operators as needed.

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