PBX – Private Branch Exchanges

Communicate effectively under all circumstances

2N® private branch exchanges will ensure reliable communication inside and outside your company. All types – the 2N® Omega Series and the 2N® NetStar – integrate standard interfaces for all networks, i.e. analogue, ISDN, GSM or UMTS and VoIP. This results in a high quality and reliable connection to your business partners as well as between individual employees.

All telephone exchanges can be supplemented by many kinds of additional software to further increase the efficiency of your work and reduce your costs.

2N® NetStar SW

The 2N® NetStar SW is a tool delivering an effective solution for company communication.

2N® NetStar

The 2N® NetStar is a communication system allowing the use of all available interface combinations (analogue, GSM, UMTS, VoIP, ISDN) for voice transmission. It can be used in various scenarios, from conventional telephone, virtual or IP exchanges,...

2N® Contact Centre Solution

The 2N® Contact Centre Solution software application for two operators or more with transparent statistics and call monitoring.

 2N® NetStar
Max. number of analogue ports 424
Max. number of digital portsBRI/PRI 72/16
Max. number of VoIP channels/users 192/500
Max. number of channels GSM/UMTS 80/80
Call recording
Remote monitoring
SNMP support
SMPP support
LDAP support
Mobility Extension
AutoClip Routing
Standard VoiceMail/VoiceMail on e-mail  / 
IVR/language detection  / 
Sending/Receiving SMS  / 
SMS via e-mail/SMS from the web/SMS from the Tray icon  /  / 
Software for remote employees
Connection to MS Outlook
Personal user interface
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