2N® Smart Metering

Read Data from All Meters Remotely

Unlike others, 2N® Smart Metering multi-utility solution enables simple software interface, so there’s never a roadblock for your system software. Instant remote access of data from all energy meters, including electricity, gas and water, as well as various sensors and detectors. Multiple tenants in office towers or retail space? No problem, as 2N® Smart Metering collects the data and transfers it to centralized software, enabling real-time overview and accurate tenant billing. With 2N you always have the information at hand, allowing individual utility providers and building managers to share a single transmission network.

Customer references:

We have been working with 2N Telekomunikace for a long time and we are very happy with the standard of co-operation. We particularly appreciate its responsible approach to each project. That’s in addition to its flexibility, thanks to which they can modify existing HW elements for the purposes of their implementation. The universality of the solutions 2N Telekomunikace offers enables us to use them for more than one customer solution, primarily in the field of smart metering and M2M communication in general.

Pavel Skala, Presales Consultant, Telefónica O2

Customer references:

The 2N® SmartCom PRO has enabled KeepFocus to rethink our previous business model and to develop a new business model allowing our customers to benefit from receiving near real time data as well as a lower installation cost, which in turn provides our company with a valuable competitive advantage.

Palle Haderslev, CTO, KeepFocus

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2N® Smart Metering

2N’s multi-utility solution for Smart Metering is compatible with the systems and platforms of third parties, as well as offering high levels of modularity and simple integration, no matter their communication protocol. From a wide range of interfaces, each customer selects only those they need for specific projects, significantly reducing costs. A further advantage is in-house development and manufacture. 2N adapts our product line to the specific needs of clients, while customizing functionality.

The 2N® Smart Metering solution does away with regular, expensive and time-consuming travel to customer sites to read data. All necessary data from individual customer premises is remotely accessed, using secure protocol-independent transfer over the net. Standard features include broad support for industrial standards, expanded data saving and programmable functions.

  • Comprehensive and customizable M2M solutions for remote data-reading
  • Easy to implement, simple software interface and varied client requirements
  • Wireless modular connectivity/ Choice of wireless interfaces
  • Cost savings, as clients pay only for what they specifically require
  • 2N stays with you with technical support during installation, integration and operation
  • A clear and quickly available path to centralized device management
  • Wide ranging support for various industrial standards
  • Significant cost savings at time of purchase and during implementation
  • System Integrator
  • Operator
  • Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Design firm
  • Energy metering
  • Smart network systems
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