2N® Energy Management

Remote Data Reading and Device Control

The 2N® Energy Management multi-utility solution reads data from all energy meters and sensors remotely, as well as controlling individual devices or circuits. The system evaluates collected data according to its configured criteria and automatically decides on further action. It’s elegant and proactive. For example, it allows the management of electrical energy consumption, the switching on or off of air-conditioning, heating and lights. 2N® Energy Management enables cost-effective oversight of entire buildings and is often the preferred example of cutting-edge automation in ‘smart buildings.’

Customer references:

Using a 2N® SmartCom PRO multi-utility data concentrator from 2N in this project provided an easy, effective and functional way of collecting data from various energy meters. The ability to connect various communication interfaces for terminal energy meters at the same time, led to very effective implementation, with a mere seven units covering over 100 connected measuring devices. During the installation, we appreciated 2N’s flexible response to non-standard situations that occurred during implementation.

Vladimír Svozil, Executive Officer, Enerfis

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2N® Energy Management


Omnidirectional 2.5dB GSM antenna

SMA, 2.5dB gain, 5m cable
Order No: 22041563

Omnidirectional 3dB GSM antenna

SMA, 3dB gain, 3m cable
Order No: 22041562

Omnidirectional 5dB GSM antenna

SMA, 5dB gain, 3m cable
Order No: 22041569

Omnidirectional 9dB GSM antenna

SMA, 9dB gain, 3m cable
Order No: 22041568

Antenna set WMBus 169MHz

External antenna BO160, RG 213-30m, surge protector
Order No: 706121

Power supply

Power source 12V

Mean Well switching power source on DIN strip with circuit-breaker profile (DR-15-12)
Order No: 410500

Power source 15V

Mean Well switching power source on DIN strip with circuit-breaker profile (DR-15-15)
Order No: 410502

Mounting accessories

Box IP65

Installation box IP65, DIN strip, earthing terminals, grommets
Order No: 410501

Additional modules

2N WMbus transmitter, 1xS0, 169MHz

Converter of S0 pulse input to WMBus reports
Order No: 410560

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