2N® Energy Management

Remote Data Reading and Device Control

The 2N® Energy Management multi-utility solution reads data from all energy meters and sensors remotely, as well as controlling individual devices or circuits. The system evaluates collected data according to its configured criteria and automatically decides on further action. It’s elegant and proactive. For example, it allows the management of electrical energy consumption, the switching on or off of air-conditioning, heating and lights. 2N® Energy Management enables cost-effective oversight of entire buildings and is often the preferred example of cutting-edge automation in ‘smart buildings.’

Customer references:

Using a 2N® SmartCom PRO multi-utility data concentrator from 2N in this project provided an easy, effective and functional way of collecting data from various energy meters. The ability to connect various communication interfaces for terminal energy meters at the same time, led to very effective implementation, with a mere seven units covering over 100 connected measuring devices. During the installation, we appreciated 2N’s flexible response to non-standard situations that occurred during implementation.

Vladimír Svozil, Executive Officer, Enerfis

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2N® Energy Management

2N® Energy Management’s multi-utility solution features programmable functions that offer system-wide data oversight, collection and invoicing information. It encourages various scenarios for automation of entire systems. Thanks to broad support of industrial standards, 2N® Energy Management is also compatible with the systems and platforms of third parties. Naturally this makes possible a selection of the interface, due to the modular structure of the system, its functionality in support of client requirements and 2N technical support.

Users of Cisco EnergyWise will also appreciate the 2N® Energy Management solution developed especially for the Cisco platform. It allows connection of end devices such as electric meters, vending machines, printers, heating and air-conditioning without IP interface to the IP network, using the Cisco EnergyWise protocol. 2N® Energy Management provides an immediate overview of energy consumption, reducing site-specific and overall operational costs.

  • Comprehensive and customizable M2M solutions for energy management
  • Rapid, accurate and specific development of client-required functionality
  • Wireless modular connectivity
  • Cost savings, as clients pay only for what they specifically require
  • Technical support during installation, integration and operation
  • A clear and quickly available path to centralized device management
  • Wide ranging support for various industrial standards
  • Remote control of switching elements
  • Remote reading of input values
  • System Integrator
  • Operator
  • Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Design firm
  • Energy metering
  • Smart network systems
  • Lift monitoring
  • Building automation remote control
  • Critical applications remote control
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