Let the machines talk

2N‘s machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions for remote monitoring & control are designed, developed and manufactured according to the customer’s specific requirements. Our main focus is on Smart Metering, Vending and Lift solutions. We provide our own software for M2M Centralized Management, as well as integration with many 3rd party M2M software platforms.

2N® SmartCom PRO

The 2N® SmartCom PRO is an advanced M2M solution intended for the remote control and administration of devices via an IP network.

2N® SmartCom

2N® SmartCom is an intelligent device used for remote monitoring and control of your systems and applications.

 2N®SmartCom PRO2N®SmartCom
GPRS modul
UMTS modul
Analog input
Interface RS-232
Interface RS-485
Interface M-Bus
Interface WM-bus
Interface Zigbee
Interface Ethernet
Digital input
SMS alert
Management software
Remote configuration
Firmware update possibility
Control via SMS
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