VoIP Paging

Online announcements from any phone

All 2N IP Audio products were renamed and redesigned in 2015.

2N VoIP paging turns your IP PBX into a paging or public address system. IP enabled loudspeakers (e.g. 2N® SIP Speaker integrated in a loudspeaker) can be simply connected as another extension to an existing IP/virtual PBX over a standard LAN/WAN infrastructure. They can be addressed from any telephone, including DECT or mobile phones. 2N® SIP Audio Converter as a standalone unit, is then the right solution for making announcements from a telephone to an existing paging/public address system.

Customer references:

The original technology did not allow us to connect PBX to the old audio system. The sound quality did not match our requirements. We sought to find out a technology that would allow us modernization and integration with the IP world.

Juan Valdivia, IT manager, Quinta Normal

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VoIP Paging

2N® SIP Audio Converter together with IP PBX can create multiple zones, which can be addressed selectively. Multicast transmission saves bandwidth of your LAN/WAN network and configures an unlimited number of end devices to receive a single channel stream. Thanks to the informacast support, 2N VoIP paging end-points can be part of Informacast Advanced Notification solution. It enables people to reach an unlimited number of Cisco IP phones, speakers and intercoms with online or pre-recorded announcements.

Thanks to the 2N® SIP Audio Converter an existing public address system can be interconnected with virtual PBXs (Centrex solutions, IMS) to enable announcements from IP phones. Furthermore, the inbuilt relay output in 2N® SIP Audio Converter allows the user to give any announcement top priority by activating an override mode on a public address system.

  • End-to-end solution
  • 18W amplifier
  • PoE powered
  • Multicast support
  • Informacast support
  • Override mode output
  • Microphone input
  • System Integrator
  • Operator
  • Large Multinational Corporation
  • Parking lots
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Office buildings
  • Shops
  • Shopping malls
  • School campuses
  • Industrial facilities
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