In-Store Radio

Centrally managed audio content distribution

All 2N IP Audio products were renamed and redesigned in 2015.

The 2N In-store radio allows you to stream and schedule high quality background music and advertisements to an unlimited number of stores from a single location over a LAN/WAN or the internet. Furthermore, the system together with the 2N® IP Audio Control Panel application allows you to flexibly modify your promotions such as seasonal stocks, special offers or stock clearances from headquarters. Different promotions can be streamed to different stores at the same time.

Product highlights:

The 2N In-store radio provides a complete solution for centrally managed background music and advertisements in the retail market. It creates an enjoyable shopping environment for customers, while helping to influence their in-store buying decisions. Customers are then motivated to purchase certain products by the audio messages.

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In-Store Radio

2N® Net Audio Decoder

2N® Net Audio Decoder Lite

2N® Net Speaker

2N® Audio Manager

  • Central management and monitoring of all End-Points
    Scheduling of pre-recorded messages
    Volume control
    Firmware upgrade
    VoIP telephony support
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