Background Music Systems

Stream audio over your current IP networks

All 2N IP Audio products were renamed and redesigned in 2015.

Background music (BGM) establishes the atmosphere of a specific place or environment. Multiple channels can be streamed with different playlists to different zones at the same time. Furthermore, central messages (e.g. about closing times) can be announced and addressed to all visitors. So 2N offers a complete managed system leveraging existing LAN/WAN/internet network infrastructure instead of 100V cabling. Advertisements and playlists can be imported from any media player and scheduled via the scheduling application.

Customer references:

We contacted ITM-Components with a brief to supply equipment that would enable us to broadcast messages and background music around the Park which was controlled from a central location. The 2N system we agreed upon has achieved exactly what we asked for and we are extremely pleased with the result. Throughout the entire project we have received excellent service from ITM-Components.

Darren Chorley, Operations Director

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Background Music Systems

2N® Net Audio Decoder

2N® Net Audio Decoder Lite

2N® Net Speaker

2N® Audio Manager

  • Central management and monitoring of all End-Points
    Scheduling of pre-recorded messages
    Volume control
    Firmware upgrade
    VoIP telephony support
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