Third Party Integration

Expand your portfolio and enter the IP market

All 2N IP Audio products were renamed and redesigned in 2015.

Expand your existing portfolio to include IP technology by implementing our IP audio systems into your current audio systems (speakers, amplifiers). By doing this, you will not only gain access to new IP markets, but you will also be able to offer your customers the unique benefits of connecting 100V and IP technology. Both will lead to an increase in revenues and, thanks to IP technology, you will also receive a number of unique benefits.

Product highlights:

By integrating 2N® Net Audio Decoder, 2N® Net Audio Decoder Lite or 2N® SIP Audio Converter audio systems into your speakers or amplifiers, you will expand your current portfolio to include IP technology without any additional investment in your own development and, thanks to this, reach new verticals.

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Third Party Integration

Previous limits on distance have completely disappeared with IP technology, thanks to which you can install an audio system wherever there is an IP network. In addition to this, the actual implementation and installation of such systems will not only be simpler and faster, but also markedly cheaper thanks to the use of current infrastructure, instead of more expensive audio cables. What’s more, if installation is required in a place where cabling is not available, the system can be connected wirelessly using WIFI.

By integrating our 2N® Net Audio Decoder, 2N® Net Audio Decoder Lite or 2N® SIP Audio Converter audio systems into your speaker or amplifier, you can turn each unit into an independent zone to which your customers can broadcast various audio messages, as required. An invaluable feature is also online supervision of the whole system, which will provide you with immediate access to information, e.g. in case of a disconnected speaker.

  • Cheaper and faster installation
  • Access to new IP markets
  • No investment in own development
  • Flexible wireless solutions
  • Use of current LAN/WAN network
  • Easy connection of extensive and remote areas (no limit on distance)
  • Option of creating independent zones
  • Ability to address any speaker/amplifier
  • Online supervision of the whole system
  • Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Large Multinational Corporation
  • Retail & SOHO
  • System Integrator
  • Design firm
  • Speaker manufacturers
  • Amplifier manufacturers
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