2N® SIP Speaker

SIP-enabled IP speaker

Take advantage of the 2N® SIP Speaker for playback of live or pre-recorded announcements. Not only from an IP phone or SIP microphone console but when using an IP PBX, even from your mobile phone. The 2N® SIP Speaker offers a fully-featured audio system with SIP protocol support. What’s more, it doesn’t need any additional HW or SW investment, e.g. a computer with supporting applications.

Product highlights:

The intuitive setting of 2N® SIP Speaker comes with online monitoring of all the speakers, which you are sure to appreciate.

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2N® SIP Speaker - modern IP loudspeaker

IP enabled speaker

IP enabled speaker

The 2N® SIP Speaker is a speaker with IP support, powered via PoE. It can be registered as a standard branch in any IP PBX, including the centrex solutions of  telecomms operators. In addition, it can report to distant destinations direct from a desk phone. 

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