2N® SIP Speaker Horn

Outdoor speaker for live announcements via IP networks

The 2N® SIP Speaker Horn is an outdoor speaker with exceptionally loud and clear sound. It is useful as a practical tool for broadcasting live announcements across large areas, and actively protecting your property. If an unwelcome visitor enters your premises, you can respond immediately with a live or preset announcement to promptly deter the trespasser. 

Product highlights:

The 2N SIP Speaker Horn is the loudest of all IP speakers on the market. It provides high-quality sound for excellent audibility.

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2N® SIP Speaker Horn

Date Name Size Type Download
07.09.2016 2N® SIP Speaker Horn - product leaflet (EN) 126.74 kB PDF
Date Name Size Type Download
02.09.2016 2N SIP Audio Systems - presentation (EN) 5.99 MB PPT
Date Name Size Type Download
11.10.2016 2N® SIP Speaker Horn - Declaration of conformity (EN) 85.47 kB PDF
Date Name Size Type Download
15.09.2016 2N® SIP Speaker Horn - Firmware 2.17.0 8.22 MB ZIP
Version 2.17.0 includes following changes

Features - user and functionality changes

Forced change of default password - all units will force users to change their default passwords to strong ones
New preloaded user sounds
Automation import / export for each function separately

Features - system changes

Units to check for new version of the firmware
User sound set as ringing tone to be played repeatedly
Use statistics of web GUI
ONVIF improvements


SIPS available on devices without license
Device stability
TR069 stability
Localisation and translation issues
Device not starting SIP registration
Too long device name causing unit to reboot
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