2N® SIP Audio Converter

Far More than Just IP Paging

2N® SIP Speaker has become 2N® SIP Audio Converter.

The 2N® SIP Audio Converter is an IP paging device with many useful functions. It can be used at the workplace, in schools, offices and other public spaces. You can use it with a loudspeaker as a simple PA system or with a microphone as a two-way intercom. The link between IP technology and an SIP protocol enables announcements to be sent to all the devices in the system, to select individual zones or call a specific device. With an external microphone and button, an end station can call up to three pre-selected numbers. It is then possible to control one external switch from these workplaces with any function based on the needs of the given operation.

Customer references:

The original technology did not allow us to connect PBX to the old audio system. The sound quality did not match our requirements. We sought to find out a technology that would allow us modernization and integration with the IP world.

Juan Valdivia, IT manager, Quinta Normal

IP Audio system IP Audio system
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IP audio system 2N® SIP Audio Converter

Power supply

Accessories for ensuring electrical power for intercoms.

PoE injector

For power supply of intercom via ethernet cable when PoE switch is not available.


Stabilised 12 V / 2 A power supply needs to be used when no PoE is available.


For external power supply of the lock with 12V AC voltage.


IP Video Telephone Grandstream GXV3240

GXV3240 is the successor to the popular GXV3140 model, which allows comfortable video calls in the IP network. Touchscreen and keyboard control.

IP Video Telephone Grandstream GXV3275

GXV3275 is the successor to the popular GXV3175 model, which allows comfortable video calls in the IP network. Touchscreen control.

2N® Indoor Touch

The elegant internal touch panel, 2N® Indoor Touch, is suitable for all 2N® Helios IP intercoms. On the panel’s display not only can you find out who is at the door, but also start a conversation with the visitor, open the lock or turn on the light in the entrance hall.

Mounting accessories

Mounting set

Side legs can be used to attach the device to any base.


Wall-mounted loudspeaker

A wall-mounted 8 ohm loudspeaker can be connected as an loudspeaker to the 2N® SIP Audio Converter. Available in white and black.

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