2N® Net Speaker

Modern IP Loudspeaker

2N® IP Speaker has become 2N® Net Speaker.

2N® Net Speaker is an up-to-date loudspeaker which has an incorporated IP audio system 2N® Net Audio Decoder. Thanks to this combination of two products in one you get a complete IP solution for audio distribution, which will allow you to play any audio stream from any computer in your LAN/WAN network. This makes the 2N® Net Speaker a perfect solution, especially where you have no existing audio cables installed in your premises.

Product highlights:

An unquestionable advantage of the 2N® Net Speaker is its software application package, which allows you not only to stream audio into selected loudspeakers, e.g. from your favorite multimedia player, but also to create separate zones, preset times to start playing the audio, manage users and to use many other features.

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2N® Net Speaker - modern IP loudspeaker

2N® IP Audio Manager

Install IP audio more easily and faster

The 2N® IP Audio Manager is a software application, which runs in the background of your PC as a service. The application allows you to transform your PC into a radio exchange, which, instead of working on audio cables, utilizes an existing data network. This is especially suitable for audio distribution in large premises, amusement parks, chain stores etc.

The 2N® IP Audio Manager is a basic SW platform for most 2N IP audio products and this makes it necessary for successful functioning of these products. Its main task is to process audio sources, such as for example playlists, internet radio stations or different announcements from phones, 2N® IP Audio Console or 2N® IP Audio Virtual Sound Card user applications or from 2N® Net Mic of 2N® Net Audio Encoder audio devices.

The application creates audio streams from these sources and streams them through an IP network into different destinations. The destinations may be 2N® Net Audio Decoder or 2N® Net Audio Decoder Lite audio systems of 2N® Net Speaker loudspeakers, but also different third party devices which can reproduce audio. The software also controls priorities of the individual audio streams according to settings adjusted in the 2N® IP Audio Control Panel application. Another feature the user is sure to appreciate is the Planner function for automatic broadcasting of announcements at preset times as well as remote control of the whole system.

2N® IP Audio Manager - SW platform for 2N IP audio products

2N® IP Audio Console

A console for user announcements

The 2N® IP Audio Console is an application for anyone who needs a simple way to make live announcements via a microphone or for the transmission of preset files (for example, information announcements, advertising spots, musical content, gongs).

For this reason, this application is often used by hotel receptionists, building and complex administrators, teachers or head teachers, for instance. The administrator can set authorisation levels for each user - designating to which type of broadcasting and which areas the user has access. Users with the highest authorisation can select the areas to which their announcements are broadcast themselves.

2N® IP Audio Console for user announcements

2N® IP Audio Control Panel

Central administration of audio systems

The 2N® IP Audio Control Panel is an application for the administration and configuration of the entire 2N® Net Audio Decoder system. The application allows you to add individual users, create zones for 2N® Net Audio Decoder units, assemble playlists or configure internet radio. You can also create sessions that designate what audio content will be broadcast to a given zone or 2N® Net Audio Decoder unit.

The 2N® IP Audio Control Panel application also includes a Planner section, which you can use for advance planning of automatic broadcast announcements (for example, advertisements at a department store, announcements at railway stations, school bells).

2N® IP Audio Control Panel - administration and configuration of the entire 2N® NetSpeaker system

2N® IP Audio Virtual Sound Card

Broadcast music from your multimedia player

The 2N® IP Audio Virtual Sound Card application allows audio files to be played from your PC to connected 2N® Net Audio Decoder units or to individually created zones simply and easily. What’s more, you don’t need to add the audio files directly to the application, but you can play them using any multimedia player you’re used to (for example, iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc.).

The 2N® IP Audio Virtual Sound Card application is designed for the 2N® Net Audio Decoder IP audio system with version 1.4.1 firmware or higher. Following simple installation and activation on your computer, you can select in which 2N® Net Audio Decoder units or zones you want the audio files to play with a mere click of the mouse.

Music broadcasting with 2N® IP Audio Virtual Sound Card

2N® IP Audio Remote Control

Control your IP audio system easily

2N® IP Audio Remote Control is an application intended for iPhone, iPad and Android tablets, which allows you to quickly and simply control your 2N® Net Audio Decoder IP audio system. With this application you can play different music in individual zones and set the volume of your system. It also allows you to change and manage current playlists or create new ones. You can set all this from your mobile device, without the need to go to your computer or notebook.

2N® IP Audio Remote Control is sure to be appreciated by both home users and managers of smaller shops, hotel receptionists, secondary schools and smaller firms. In short, all users who want to change their audio content quickly and simply.

Download the application and see for yourself, how easy it is for you to control and setup your IP Audio system from 2N.

2N® IP Audio Remote Control for Android tablets to control 2N® Netspeaker IP audio system
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