2N® Net Mic

Live Announcements Whenever You Need Them

2N® NetMic has become 2N® Net Mic.

The 2N® Net Mic hardware console, with microphone, enables you to make live announcements or broadcast pre-prepared files to different zones. It’s a hardware alternative to the 2N® IP Audio Console software application that is primarily intended  for the public sector, such as schools, courts, railway stations, airports, medical facilities, amusement parks, outdoor swimming pools and sports facilities.

Product highlights:

With the 2N® Net Mic, you will no longer need a computer with pre-installed SW applications for live announcements or to play pre-recorded messages. In addition, thanks to the IP solution, you can connect the console anywhere in the network (not just at the point of the amplifier).

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The 2N® Net Mic hardware console

With the help of buttons on the 2N® Net Mic console, you can easily and quickly select one or more zones for live announcements from the microphone or to play a saved message (e.g. information announcements, commercials, music content, gongs). In addition, if necessary, you can hear what is being played in a given zone by simply pressing a button. What’s more, you can not only connect anywhere in the network, but you won’t need a computer with pre-installed SW applications.

The 2N® Net Mic has one microphone and 14 buttons, and thanks to external connectors you can easily connect an external microphone, CD/MP3 player or headphones with no problem. To control and set up buttons, you can use the 2N® IP Audio Control Panel application, which can also be used to set up the whole 2N® Net Audio Decoder IP audio system.

  • Audio broadcasts to different zones
  • Listening in on audio being played in different zones
  • Option of connecting anywhere in the network (IP solution)
  • Easy and comfortable operation (even without a computer)
  • Simple configuration using the 2N® NetSpeaker Control Panel application
  • State administration
  • Design firm
  • Large Multinational Corporation
  • System Integrator
  • Operator
  • Schools
  • Courts
  • Bus/train stations and airports
  • Medical facilities
  • Amusement parks, sports facilities, outdoor swimming pools
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