2N® Net Audio Decoder

We’re Transforming a PC Into a Central Broadcasting System

2N® NetSpeaker has become 2N® Net Audio Decoder.

The 2N® Net Audio Decoder is an IP audio system that enables acoustic communication or other audio stream to be played from a given PC in a LAN/WAN network. For audio transmission over IP all you need to do is connect a standard speaker or amplifier to the 2N® Net Audio Decoder, thus creating a virtual central broadcasting system. This allows for any audio to be played with the options to create separate zones with different communication content. A use for this solution is found, for instance, in schools, shopping centres, office buildings, at train stations, in athletic, cultural or health facilities and in many other public spaces.

Customer references:

The original technology did not allow us to connect PBX to the old audio system. The sound quality did not match our requirements. We sought to find out a technology that would allow us modernization and integration with the IP world.

Juan Valdivia, IT manager, Quinta Normal

Customer references:

We contacted ITM-Components with a brief to supply equipment that would enable us to broadcast messages and background music around the Park which was controlled from a central location. The 2N system we agreed upon has achieved exactly what we asked for and we are extremely pleased with the result. Throughout the entire project we have received excellent service from ITM-Components.

Darren Chorley, Operations Director

Customer references:

We were looking for IP based audio solution that would be modular, flexible and could bring us wide adjustment options. With 2N IP audio we have met all of our requirements. We were also pleased with the minimum lead time from design to startup.

Rakesh Sarangi, Assistant General Manager – Electronics Tata Motors

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Audio transmission over IP with 2N® Net Audio Decoder in shopping centres

Shopping centres

2N® Net Audio Decoder audio over IP system brings new opportunities for shopping centre chains. The central management system is specially designed for your marketing purposes in retail. Using the IP network, you can deliver new marketing campaigns anywhere in the world within a few seconds. Each shopping centre can use unique background music.

Audio distribution with 2N® Net Audio Decoder in hotels


2N® Net Audio Decoder IP audio system is a suitable solution for any hotel offering the best services and looking for new, original ones which improve current services. It provides very easy management of background music to the lounges, bars and conference halls. At the same time you can provide up to 4 independent on-demand broadcast  streams to the various parts of the hotel.

Broadcasting system 2N® Net Audio Decoder in schools


The 2N® Net Audio Decoder IP audio system combines very simple use with sophisticated broadcast user rights options. The system is designed for easy use so that teachers can make an announcement to their classes very quickly. On the other hand the head teacher can himself choose from the list of which class or classes he would like to make an announcement to.

Multicast announcements

Multicast announcements

The customer is responsible for managing a large number of buildings. All of them have 2N Helios IP door communicators installed at the entrance to the building and on individual floors. These intercoms allow the reception of audio announcements (multicast) generated by the 2N® Net Audio Decoder system. The customer thus uses door communicators as speakers and through them plays various announcements in individual buildings or on individual floors, as required. The ability to use the 2N® Net Mic console with a microphone or IP telephone for live announcements is another advantage.

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