2N® Net Audio Decoder Lite

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2N® NetSpeaker Lite has become 2N® Net Audio Decoder Lite.

Use the revolutionary 2N® Net Audio Decoder Lite IP audio system for audio distribution in shops, restaurants and fitness centres. It not only allows you to effectively broadcast advertising messages and audio announcements, but also to play background music from any source. IP technology allows you to distribute audio from one central location to any remote destination or branch, and so you won't be limited to a source of music simply at the broadcasting location.

Product highlights:

With the 2N® Net Audio Decoder Lite, you get a comprehensive PA solution for commercial premises, which allows you to effectively broadcast advertising messages to any shop, even kilometres away. Thanks to central administration, you also have control of played content, and after dividing branches into zones according to your own criteria, you will be able to send different marketing messages or music to each zone.

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2N® Net Audio Decoder Lite IP audio system

Power supply


Stabilised 12 V / 2 A power supply.

Mounting accessories

Mounting set

Side legs can be used to attach the device to any base.


2N® Net Mic

The 2N® Net Mic IP hardware console, with microphone, for live announcements or broadcasting pre-recorded messages to different zones.

2N® Net Audio Encoder

The 2N® Net Audio Encoder decodes traditional audio signal sources such as an FM radio, CD player or microphone into IP form and then distributes audio to various destinations over an IP network using the 2N® IP Audio Manager software application.

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