2N® Mobile Audio Gateway

Public Announcements from Anywhere in the World

With the 2N® Mobile Audio Gateway you have the opportunity to make live announcements, simply and easily, from any telephone (including mobile phones), even in places where there is no landline. All you need is GSM coverage or a 3G signal. You can thus use this intelligent audio system to make immediate live announcements, in particular at chain stores, in large production halls and complexes or local PA systems.

Product highlights:

The whole 2N® Mobile Audio Gateway public address system works on the plug&play principle, so there’s no complicated set-up. All you have to do is connect to an existing PA or evacuation exchange and you can start making announcements immediately from anywhere in the world.

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2N® Mobile Audio Gateway audio system

Announcements from a Mobile Telephone

Announcements from a Mobile Telephone

The 2N® Mobile Audio Gateway (MAG) installed at a large production plant enables immediate announcements to be made from a mobile phone using the current public address system. The MAG is connected to the PA exchange using a standard audio cable (3.5mm jack). Then, with the help of two conductors, a relay contact on the MAG side is connected to an override mode contact on the PA exchange side. A worker, who wants to make an announcement, calls a pre-set telephone number and starts to talk after the jingle. During the call, the relay contact is closed and the announcement therefore has top priority. As soon as the worker stops talking, the relay contact is open and the exchange returns to its standard regime.

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