IP Audio Devices

Hardware equipment for audio distribution

IP audio devices are hardware components for high quality audio distribution and control over IP networks. They can be synchronized from a server or work independently as standalone units. No need for difficult cabling, just plug our IP audio devices into the network, and thanks to installation wizard everything works within couple of minutes.

2N® Net Audio Decoder

The 2N® Net Audio Decoder is an IP audio system enabling any audio to be played over IP merely by connection of a standard speaker.

2N® Net Audio Decoder Lite

The 2N® Net Audio Decoder Lite is an IP audio system that allows you to stream audio from one central location to any remote destination or branch.

2N® SIP Audio Converter

Ther 2N® SIP Audio Converter is an IP paging device enabling effective two-way communication.

2N® Net Mic

The 2N® Net Mic IP hardware console, with microphone, for live announcements or broadcasting pre-recorded messages to different zones.

2N® Net Audio Encoder

The 2N® Net Audio Encoder decodes traditional audio signal sources such as an FM radio, CD player or microphone into IP form and then distributes audio to various destinations over an IP network using the 2N® IP Audio Manager software application.

2N® Mobile Audio Gateway

The 2N® Mobile Audio Gateway is an audio system that enables you to make announcements from your mobile telephone from anywhere in the world.

2N® Net Speaker

The 2N® Net Speaker is a revolutionary loudspeaker with an integrated 2N® Net Audio Decoder IP audio system. It allows you to use existing wiring and distribute sound just using the IP network without any extra costs.

2N® SIP Speaker

The 2N® SIP Speaker is an innovative loudspeaker with SIP support. It allows you to playback live or pre-recorded announcements in any of your zones, without any need of a server.

2N® SIP Speaker Horn

The 2N® SIP Speaker Horn is an outdoor speaker for live or preset announcements via IP networks. This independent audio solution does not require any server or exchange for its operation.

Third Party Integration

Implementation of 2N® NetSpeaker, 2N® NetSpeaker Lite and 2N® SIP Speaker audio systems into speakers and amplifiers.

IP audio devices may work as independent units (audio signal source or destination) or may be centrally synchronized and controlled from the 2N® IP Audio Manager server application. The application allows you to not only create zones, set announcement priority and adjust the volume of individual end devices, but also plan pre-recorded announcements and bulk firmware upgrade for all units. Monitoring of all connected IP audio devices is included as standard. For comparison of individual IP audio devices see the following table.

 2N® SIP Audio Converter2N® Net Audio Decoder2N® Net Audio Decoder Lite2N® Net Mic2N® Net Audio Encoder 2N® Net Speaker 
Both way audio
Channels 1 4 4 4
Playout of prerecorded message on input
Autonomous/server operation available
Offline mode
Audio back-up (microSD card)
SIP phone function
VoIP trunk
Web server
IP paging
Audio codecs G.711, G.729 mono, RTP multicast G711 MP3 stereo up to 320kbit 44.1kHz 16bit / SIP on G.711, RTP multicast G711 or L16 MP3 stereo up to 320kbit 44.1kHz 16bit / SIP on G.711, RTP multicast G711 or L16 PCM (44,1kHz 16bit)  PCMA, 44.1kHz, 16bit, stereo (1650kbps)  MPEG -1,Audio Layer II to 320 kbit, SIP for G.711, RTP multicast G.711 or L16
Playout system
Scheduler of tracks to be played
Zone definition
Internet radio support
Remote monitoring
SIP alerting
Mobile devices applications
Powered by PoE
Power amplifier
Show all
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