2N® Induction Loop

An effective communication solution for those with a hearing disability

The 2N® Induction Loop is an electric device that transmits sound wirelessly from a 2N Helios IP intercom to the hearing aid of a person with a hearing disability. On connection to an audio source, it allows people with a hearing disability to hear and perceive sounds much more clearly. By installing an induction loop at the door, you not only comply with required regulations, but you also allow hearing aid users to communicate with reception, for example, via the intercom. For this reason, the 2N® Induction Loop is an invaluable aid when resolving the accessibility of public and private areas.

Product highlights:

We also offer the 2N® Induction Loop as an independent unit, which can be used with any device emitting an audio signal. An example of this may be lift communicators or intercoms at a counter. It will find particular application in public buildings (for example offices, banks, hospitals or schools) or at information and sales centres.

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2N® Induction Loop

The practical 2N® Induction Loop is marked with the internationally recognised graphic symbol and consists of an induction loop amplifier and built-in antenna. Naturally, an external antenna can also be connected to increase signal range. We offer the induction loop in two versions; both allow easy wall mounting. The first version has a special connector and is ready for use with 2N IP intercoms to resolve door communication for people with a hearing disability. The second version is generally usable with any device emitting an audio signal (for example, lift communicator, speaker etc.).

On what principle does the induction loop work? This electric device emits a magnetic field, which can be picked up by any hearing aid with a built-in induction detector. The hearing aid of a person with a hearing disability then works as a receiver of signals broadcast by the induction loop and eliminates external interference and echoes. As a result, the 2N® Induction Loop allows hearing aid users to receive audio information and allows them to hear spoken language much more clearly.

  • Wireless audio transmission from intercom to hearing aid
  • Special connector for connection to 2N IP intercoms
  • Ability to connect to any audio source
  • Easy wall mounting
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Built-in antenna, including ability to connect an external antenna
  • International graphic symbol
  • System Integrator
  • State administration
  • Large Multinational Corporation
  • Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Design firm
  • Operator
  • Public administration buildings
  • Educational institutions
  • Shopping centres
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Office buildings
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