2N® Indoor Touch

Luxury door communication solution

Together with the portfolio of intercoms in the 2N® Helios IP range, the elegant 2N® Indoor Touch internal touch panel constitutes an integrated, professional door communication system. The 2N® Indoor Touch has highly intuitive control – by merely looking at the display, you can see who is standing at your door. It’s just as easy to display missed calls, and when you want to rest, all you have to do is set the status to “Do not disturb". Using the buttons on the touchscreen, you can not only initiate a conversation with your visitor or neighbour, but you can even unlock the door or turn on the lights in the corridor or entry hall.

Product highlights:

Using the 2N® Indoor Touch multifunctional communicator, you can also monitor video from the camera built into the intercom and have a constant view of what’s happening in front of your building. In addition, it allows you to take calls in various places in your flat.

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2N® Indoor Touch multifunctional communicator

Power supply

Concealed wiring power source

The stabilized 12V/2A source is designed for installation in a recessed box under the plasterwork. Suitable for use in cases where PoE is not available.
Order No.: 91378380


The stabilized 12V/2A source is intended for use in cases where PoE is not available.
Order No.: 91378381E / 91378381GB / 91378381US

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