2N® Attendance System

Effective work hours records

The 2N® Attendance System software application is intended for monitoring and administration of employee attendance in small and medium enterprises. With its help you gain a perfect overview of employee attendance, thereby easily complying with legislative requirements for monitoring work hours. And you will not have to invest in other, costly equipment. All you need to put the attendance system into operation are intercoms from the 2N® Helios IP range with a card reader which you already use for secure entry to your company, and, of course, a computer. 

Product highlights:

You can install the 2N® Attendance System app easily on an existing computer which is connected to your intercoms via a LAN network. Using the attendance system is very intuitive and fast. And you can get it at a great price.

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2N® Attendance System software application

Attendance logging

Attendance logging

A small firm has one or more intercoms from the 2N® Helios IP range, fitted with access card readers. It needs a simple device for logging employee attendance in order to comply with legislative requirements. It does not want to invest large amounts in a sophisticated attendance system, and so is looking for a simple solution that does not require installation of more devices.    

With the 2N® Attendance System software application, the firm has a tool for logging attendance and so is perfectly aware of the presence or absence of employees in the workplace and of the number of hours worked.       

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