2N® 2Wire

IP anywhere from now on

The 2N® 2Wire is a converter that allows you to connect any IP device along a two-wire or coaxial line, even in an analogue environment, or in a place with limited IP infrastructure. The major advantage is that you only need one cable for the transmission of data and power. 

Product highlights:

With the 2N® 2Wire converter you can use existing infrastructure and save on installation costs. Thanks to this you won’t have to lay new cables or make any other structural alterations. Moreover, you can install everything easily.

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2N® 2Wire converter

2N® 2Wire - basic connection

Basic connection

If you decide to use a modern IP solution instead of an outdated block of doorbells to secure the entrance to your apartment building, you no longer have to install new, expensive IP infrastructure. With the 2N® 2Wire solution you can use the existing cabling of the building’s door bells to connect an IP intercom.

So, at minimal cost, you not only install a top-of-the-range modern system, but you also get a security system that ensures you get a good night’s sleep and protection.

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