Smart Extensions

Give Products a New Dimension

2N Smart Extensions are top-of-the-range devices introducing new possibilities for using technology in today’s modern world. They are fully compatible with all intercoms in the 2N® Helios IP range and other 2N products, making it a very simple way to increase their functionality. Moreover, they are capable of working independently, so you can use them in various environments, even in combination with other 2N products.

2N® Induction Loop

The 2N® Induction Loop is an electric device that transmits sound wirelessly from a 2N Helios IP intercom to the hearing aid of a disabled person and allows them to hear and perceive sounds more clearly.

2N® 2Wire

With the 2N® 2Wire you can simply connect any IP device, even in an analogue environment, or in a place with limited IP infrastructure.

2N® Indoor Touch

The 2N® Indoor Touch is a multifunctional touch communicator for intercoms in the 2N® Helios IP range. It offers simple control using a 7" touchscreen, and a whole range of useful functions for door communication inside a building.

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