2N® Helios IP Video Kit

Video Surveillance for Any Device

The 2N® Helios IP Video Kit is ideal for manufacturers of various devices (e.g. parking systems, cash dispensers, information boards or transport vehicles), who want to stand out from the competition. This OEM intercom, in a compact module, can enhance any device with reliable video surveillance, and as well as visual monitoring, it can expand the functionality of your product with audio communication, remote monitoring and control.

Product highlights:

Its features will expand the functionality of your device, giving it video and audio communication capability, putting you way ahead of your competitors.

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OEM intercom 2N® Helios IP Video Kit

The Kit comes with connectors for two analogue cameras with composite PAL/NTSC output, which you can use for video surveillance. Communication is enabled by SIP 2.0 protocol, which is standard for VoIP telephony, enabling you to make cheap internet calls, or to connect via a virtual PBX. In addition to this, thanks to a number of interfaces, it’s easy to connect buttons, keypads and keyboards, LED indicators, a microphone and speaker or even headphones to the 2N® Helios IP Video Kit video intercom.

This means there is no need for manufacturers to invest in their own development, they can simply install the 2N® Helios IP Video Kit intercom into their systems, enhancing the device with video and audio capabilities. Like all other 2N® Helios IP products, the Video Kit is not only compatible with switchboards made by global manufacturers, but also video surveillance systems.

  • VoIP communication via SIP 2.0
  • Simple electrical installation and set up via web interface
  • Use of LAN/WAN networks for administration, communication and control
  • Integration with video surveillance systems via ONVIF
  • Inputs and outputs for on-site control
  • Power supply via adapter or PoE
  • Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Large Multinational Corporation
  • System Integrator
  • Operator
  • Parking systems
  • Information boards
  • Emergency stations
  • Industrial facilities
  • Cash dispensers
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