2N® Helios IP Safety

A Visible Aid in Need

2N® Helios IP Safety is a modern emergency intercom that will ensure two-way communication between two remote locations when needed.  Its reliability is enhanced by robust construction and other practical properties that take into account its use in high-stress operations.  Its striking orange colour and illuminated buttons ensure that it is visible and functions even in crisis situations.


Customer references:

I would like to inform you about a great notice that the 2N® Helios IP Safety were successfully installed and now working as SOS points at highways in western part of country. Mexican President was at the inauguration opening of the new highway and the 2N products were seen on that event.

Miguel Herrera, CEO, Acaxes

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Emergency IP intercom 2N® Helios IP Safety

Mounting accessories

Boxes and hoods for mounting in various settings.

Brick flush mounting box

Dimension: 132 x 223 x 83 mm

Order no: 9151001

Plasterboard flush mounting board

Dimension: 237 x 129 x 70 mm
Hole: 237 x 118 mm

Order no: 9151002

Metal frame

Good to cover the edge of the intercom in flush or plasterboard installation.

Order no: 9152000

Additional modules

Modules expanding the functions of the basic unit.

Additional switch + tamper

Enables control of a secondary device, passive time unlimited switching up to 48 V / 2 A or active switch 12 V / 700 mA. Also includes tamper switch to signal opening of the front panel.

Order no: 9151010

Security Relay

A handy add-on that significantly enhances door entry security as it prevents tampering with the intercom and forced opening of the lock. To be installed between intercom and lock, powered by the intercom.

Order no: 9159010

External IP Relay - 1 output, 1 input

Standalone IP device which can be controlled by HTTP commands sent by Helios IP intercom, which can thus control devices on unlimited distance.

Order no: 9137410E

2N® 2Wire

The 2N® 2Wire converter allows you to use existing wiring (2 wires) from your original door bell or door intercom to connect any IP device. You don’t have to configure anything, and you only need one 2N® 2Wire unit at each end of the cable and a power source connected to at least one of these units. The 2N® 2Wire unit then provides PoE power not only to the second converter, but also to all other connected IP end devices.

Order no: 9159014EU,  9159014US,  9159014UK

2N® Induction Loop

An induction loop transmits sound wirelessly from the 2N Helios IP intercom to the earphones of people with hearing disabilities and enables them to hear and perceive sounds better.

Order no: 9159050

Power supply for 2N® Induction Loop

External power supply for the induction loop.

Input 230V AC

Output 12V DC

Order no: 9159052

External antenna for 2N® Induction Loop

External antenna boosts the range of usability of the induction loop, so that the disabled user can receive the audio signal in wider area.

Order no: 9159051


Electric door locks powered by Helios IP intercoms are recommended.

Electrical lock 11211

BEFO 11211 12V/230mA DC

Order no: 932071E

Electrical lock 11221 hold-open

BEFO 11221 12V/230mA DC. For opening of the lock a short electrical impuls is sufficient, which unlocks the lock. Lock is then open until someone closes the door.

Order no: 932081E

Electrical lock 11211MB mechanical blocking

BEFO 11211MB 12V/230mA DC. Enables mechanically close or open the lock. When opened, the lock is open all the time. When closed, it behaves as standart electrical lock.

Order no: 932091E

Regular lock with contact

A regular lock with a built-in contact to indicate whether the door is open or closed.

Order no: 932061E

Simple failsafe lock

The failsafe lock is closed when electricity is switched on. When electricity is interrupted, the lock is opened.

Order no: 932072E

Failsafe lock with contact

The failsafe lock is closed when electricity is switched on. When electricity is interrupted, the lock is opened.

It contains a built-in contact to indicate whether the door is open or closed.

Order no: 932062E

Power supply

Accessories for ensuring electrical power for intercoms.

PoE injector

For power supply of intercom via ethernet cable when PoE switch is not available.

Order no: 91378100,  91378100E,  91378100US

12 V power supply EU plug

Stabilised 12 V / 2 A power supply needs to be used when no PoE is available.

Order no: 91341481E

12 V transformer for electrical lock

For external power supply of the lock with 12V AC voltage.

Order no: 932928


IP Video Telephone Grandstream GXV3240

GXV3240 is the successor to the popular GXV3140 model, which allows comfortable video calls in the IP network. Touchscreen and keyboard control.

Order no: 91378357

IP Video Telephone Grandstream GXV3275

GXV3275 is the successor to the popular GXV3175 model, which allows comfortable video calls in the IP network. Touchscreen control.

Order no: 91378358

2N® Indoor Touch (black/white)

The elegant internal touch panel, 2N® Indoor Touch, is suitable for all 2N® Helios IP intercoms. On the panel’s display not only can you find out who is at the door, but also start a conversation with the visitor, open the lock or turn on the light in the entrance hall.

Order no: 91378365, 91378365WH

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