2N® Helios Safety

Visible Help in a Crisis

You can use the 2N® Helios Safety analogue intercom not only to secure entrances to buildings, but also as a device that can provide two-way communication, in the event of an emergency, using an analogue telephone line. Its distinct orange colour and blue backlit buttons guarantee everyone will be able to find it easily when needed and call for help by simply pressing a button. In addition, it has the highest class of cover in accordance with the IP65 standard and is resistant to water, dust and mechanical damage.

Product highlights:

The 2N® Helios Safety emergency intercom is an ideal solution not only to call for assistance on a production line in heavy industry or in reduced visibility in the foundry, but also for evacuation points, as in a government building or at a railway station.

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2N® Helios Safety emergency analogue intercom


  • Explanation:
    Data in brackets express conditions when values are reached
  • Minimum required on-hook line voltage
    20V (Hang-up)
  • Minimum required off-hook line current
    15 mA (Off-hook)
  • Bandwidth
    300 to 3500 Hz (20 to 60 mA)


  • Power amplifier integrated
    0,5W output power

Other Parameters

  • Switch – max. voltage
    48 V AC, DC
  • Switch – min., voltage
    9 V AC, DC
  • Switch – max. current
    2 A AC, DC
  • Backlight – rated voltage
    12 V
  • Backlight – max. voltage
    14 V
  • Backlight – current consumption
    max. 150 mA
  • Overvoltage protection – common mode
    1000 V (8 / 20 μs)
  • Operational temperature range
    -25 to + 55 ºC
  • Coverage
    IP 65
  • Dimensions (1 module)
    217x109x83 mm (H x W x D)
    242x136x83 mm (H x W x D) with a frame
  • Weight
    up to 2500 g
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