2N® Helios Force

The Most Robust Door Guard for an Analogue Environment

The 2N® Helios Force door intercom guarantees reliable security for building entrances and, with the help of an analogue telephone line, clear communication with visitors. It provides the maximum possible coverage available on the market in accordance with the IP65 standard, thanks to which it is resistant not only to bad weather, water and dust, but also mechanical damage, including vandalism. It is therefore suitable as an analogue solution for door communication especially in places where there is a high demand for robustness and security for entry doors, e.g. in an industrial environment or prison.

Product highlights:

The 2N® Helios Force intercom comes with one integrated switch to control the door lock, for instance, while an extra switch may also be added to control other devices.

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2N® Helios Force, a robust analogue intercom

Dear customers and partners,

We created the completely new catalogue intended for architects, project engineers, fitters and, of course, all users of 2N products, who, like us, draw, plan and design very carefully and seek out the best solution for their customers time and time again. In this section you will find the selection of documents from the catalogue which will be the means for the effective creation of offers, project documentation and source material for discussions with clients.

Moreover, you can download a low resolution PDF preview of the catalogue here, and so have it available on your computer at any time. We will gladly send you a full resolution catalogue on request; simply send your contact details (name, company, email address) to sales@2n.cz.

I wish you every success in your work and every satisfaction from 2N products.

Oldřich Stejskal

2N® Helios Force - 1 button

1 button

control of up to two electric locks

Integrated amplifier
order No.: 9151201-E

2N® Helios Force - 4 buttons

4 buttons

control of up to two electric locks

Integrated amplifier
order No.: 9151204-E

2N® Helios Force – 1 button & keypad

1 button


control of up to two electric locks

Integrated amplifier

order No.: 9151201K-E

Example of connection in an industrial environment

Industrial operations are usually equipped with an exchange, and the environment is analogue. In such a case the analogue 2N® Helios Force is suitable for securing entries and exits. At the gate it can withstand the attacks of vandals, dust and water. It can be connected with the control centre of the security service or camera system.

Connection diagram
Flush-mounted without box
Flush-mounted with box
Mounting in plasterboard
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