2N® Helios Force

The Most Robust Door Guard for an Analogue Environment

The 2N® Helios Force door intercom guarantees reliable security for building entrances and, with the help of an analogue telephone line, clear communication with visitors. It provides the maximum possible coverage available on the market in accordance with the IP65 standard, thanks to which it is resistant not only to bad weather, water and dust, but also mechanical damage, including vandalism. It is therefore suitable as an analogue solution for door communication especially in places where there is a high demand for robustness and security for entry doors, e.g. in an industrial environment or prison.

Product highlights:

The 2N® Helios Force intercom comes with one integrated switch to control the door lock, for instance, while an extra switch may also be added to control other devices.

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2N® Helios Force, a robust analogue intercom

The “plug and play” concept enables you to install it simply and easily by simply connecting it to an analogue branch exchange (PBX), GSM gateway or public telephone network (PSTN). You can set up all 2N® Helios Force functions remotely from your telephone and operation is made simpler with an easy-to-use voice menu. The analogue intercom is fitted with one microphone, a powerful 1W speaker and backlit buttons.

The compact 2N® Helios Force analogue security intercom will provide you with problem-free communication and control entry to your building or premises even under the most demanding conditions. It is suitable for all locations with no IP infrastructure, but also for customers who don’t want to invest in an advanced IP solution. The intercom can be fitted into a wall or plasterboard, or it can be affixed to a wall. There are 1 or 4 button versions, and a version with 1 button and a keypad is also available.

  • Highly resistant aluminium case in an anti-vandal design
  • Highest possible robustness on the market in accordance with the IP65 standard
  • Two-wire analogue connection to a PBX/GSM/PSTN
  • Remote management with the help of a voice menu
  • Universal switched output
  • Security relay and additional switch available
  • Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Large Multinational Corporation
  • System Integrator
  • Design firm
  • State administration
  • Industrial zones
  • Government buildings
  • Prisons
  • Educational institutions
  • Airports
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