2N® VoiceBlue Lite

Teach Your IP Exchange to Save Money

Do you have an IP private branch exchange? Then you'll certainly be interested in its ideal accessory: the 2N® VoiceBlue Lite, which can significantly reduce your calling costs to mobile networks. Simple and intuitive setting enables both the VoIP interface and the gateway itself to be set up very quickly.

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Mobility Extension

If someone is calling the phone in your office, the call will be automatically forwarded to your mobile phone thanks to the 2N® VoiceBlue Lite and it is up to you where you answer it. The mobile phone acquires the ability to use IP PBX services, i.e. you can forward the call e.g. from your mobile phone to a colleague.

Cost saving

The 2N® VoiceBlue Lite operates as a VoIP GSM gateway which can be connected to any IP PBX and thus significantly reduces the cost of calls to GSM and UMTS networks. You can also use the advanced features integrated in the 2N® VoiceBlue Lite, e.g. 2N® Mobility Extension, CallBack an SMS for unanswered calls.

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