2N® StarGate VoIP

Reducing Costs Has Never Been Easier

The 2N® StarGate VoIP is an alternative to our GSM/UMTS Gateway which can be connected to your private branch exchange via a modern VoIP interface. For companies making high numbers of calls to mobile networks, it significantly reduces the cost of telephone calls. Its efficient automated cost-saving solution can find the cheapest route and always uses the most advantageous SIM card for the connection.

Product highlights:

The 2N® StarGate VoIP can be connected to your current PBX system through the PRI ISDN or VoIP interface. Whether you are a large company, a call centre or an international business operation, the 2N® StarGate VoIP can definitely reduce your telecommunication expenses.

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VoIP GSM gateway 2N® StarGate VoIP

Cost saving thanks to VoIP GSM gateway 2N® StarGate VoIP

Cost saving

The 2N® StarGate is designed to maximize savings on call costs to GSM/UMTS networks. In the DialThru mode, the gateway is connected between your private branch exchange and the PSTN network. Based on the called prefix it automatically recognizes that a call is being made to a mobile network and always selects the cheapest route for the call.

VoIP GSM gateway 2N® StarGate VoIP - PRI Backup

PRI Backup

If your company has a PRI connection to PSTN network, the 2N® StarGate will automatically route all calls via GSM or UMTS networks in case of any PRI connection failure.

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