VoIP GSM Gateways

Modern way to save on costs

If you own a software private branch exchange or a telephone exchange with a VoIP interface supporting SIP protocol for the VoIP GSM gateway, this group of products is intended for you. Just like other 2N GSM gateways, these too are designed for maximum cost reduction and use all available functionalities to this end. Receiving SMS messages comes as a standard feature.

2N® VoiceBlue Next

The 2N® VoiceBlue Next is a two or four channel GSM/UMTS gateway intended for reducing costs while using a VoIP interface for connection to a private branch exchange. The gateway can be used for sending and receiving SMS messages.

2N® BlueTower VoIP

2N® BlueTower VoIP is a maximum 8-channel VoIP GSM/UMTS Gateway that significantly cuts the cost of telephone calls. The gateway can be used both for receiving and sending SMS messages, and as a backup connection to the public telephone network.

2N® StarGate VoIP

The 2N® StarGate VoIP is a modular VoIP GSM/UMTS Gateway which can have up to 32 channels. It is an ideal tool for cutting company costs or direct marketing.

 2N® VoiceBlue Next2N® BlueTower2N® StarGate
Max number of simultaneous calls 4 8 30
Max number of SIMs 4 64 256
GSM/UMTS  /   /   / 
Sending/Receiving SMS  /   /   / 
Incoming/Outgoing calls  /   /   / 
Remote monitoring
Mobility Extension
AutoClip Routing
SMS via email
Web interface
SMS missed call notification
CDR (Call Data Record)
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