2N® StarGate

Spend No More than Necessary

The 2N® StarGate is a solution for SMEs and LMEs that have a high amount of calls to mobile networks. It is a GSM/UMTS gateway able to significantly cut the cost of telephone calls. Its efficient, automated and cost-saving solution will find the cheapest route and always use the most suitable SIM card.

Product highlights:

The 2N® StarGate can be connected to your current PBX system through the PRI ISDN or VoIP interface. Whether you are a large company, a call centre or an international business operation, the 2N® StarGate can definitely reduce your telecommunication expenses.

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When choosing the 2N® StarGate, you can select from two versions – with ISDN (more precisely PRI), or with a VoIP interface. Thanks to the fact that the 2N® StarGate has two ISDN ports, you can connect the gateway between a telephone exchange and the public telephone network without the need for another ISDN port from your telephone exchange (the DialThru mode). Another feature enabling you to cut call costs is CallBack, thanks to which you can eliminate roaming charges. Yet another feature of this gateway is sending SMS messages or bulk SMS messages from email clients. Naturally, the automated cost-saving solution again selects the most advantageous route.

The GSM/UMTS StarGate Gateway is an efficient communication solution as well as a direct marketing tool. Thanks to this feature, it can significantly decrease the overheads of even large companies and open up new possibilities to address customers and business partners.

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  • Significant reduction in costs
  • Up to 32 GSM/UMTS channels
  • Counting free minutes
  • Tool for direct marketing
  • Receiving and sending single and bulk SMS messages
  • Auto CLIP Routing
  • CallBack
  • Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Large Multinational Corporation
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