2N® SmartGate

Solution for Those Who Want to Save Smartly

The 2N® SmartGate is an analogue GSM Gateway which does more than just save you money. It also offers an Internet connection, as well as sending and receiving FAX or SMS messages. It is compatible with all telephone exchanges that have an analogue interface.

Product highlights:

When there are no free ports in the PBX you can connect the 2N® SmartGate between the PBX and the network without programming the PBX. You will therefore save one of the PBX ports and all calls to mobiles will still be routed via 2N gateways.

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Analogue GSM gateway 2N® SmartGate

Another useful feature you will certainly appreciate is the 2N® Mobility Extension service. This service can automatically forward calls to your mobile phone, which means you will be available for business partners at any time. In addition, your mobile phone will acquire the characteristics of your fixed line and you will be able to connect calls through to colleagues if needed.

The 2N® SmartGate GSM gateway, unlike the EasyGate GSM gateway, has both types of analogue FXO and FXS ports, which enables connection in so-called DialThru mode. Besides money, you will also save ports on a private branch exchange and the time needed for installation.

Take advantage of all the possibilities modern communication solutions offer. The analogue GSM gateway 2N® SmartGate is your way to save on costs and raise your service standard even higher.

  • Significant reduction in costs
  • 2N® Mobility Extension
  • Receiving and sending SMS messages
  • CallBack
  • Remote administration
  • Retail & SOHO
  • Small and Medium Enterprise
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