2N® Mobility Extension

Always keep your office at hand

Everyone who wants to be available 24/7, gain flexibility and reduce costs on top, will appreciate the features of the 2N® Mobility Extension. Imagine you are expecting an important call on a fixed line and you urgently need to leave your office. Thanks to the 2N® Mobility Extension service you need not worry about losing an important customer or contract – all calls will be automatically forwarded to your mobile phone. At the same time, it uses all the functions offered by your private branch exchange, so you can transfer or park the call.

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2N® Mobility Extension - calls forwarded to your mobile phone

With the 2N® Mobility Extension feature you can also save money. When you are outside the office and want to call abroad, there is nothing easier than to make a call from your mobile phone using the 2N® Mobility Extension service, but with the more favourable tariff offered by the fixed line. Without you noticing, the call will be made through a private branch exchange or a 2N GSM Gateway supporting 2N® Mobility Extension, and of course it will use the automatic cost-saving solution which always selects the cheapest route.

Break free from the fixed line. If you like the sound of our 2N® Mobility Extension service, we would like to assure you that we have a solution for everybody – individual entrepreneurs and LMEs. We can offer products for any number of employees and all kinds of interfaces – analogue, ISDN and VoIP.

  • Full-value communication outside the office
  • Cost savings
  • Higher flexibility
  • DECT system replacement
  • Private branch exchange services on the mobile phone
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