2N® Lift8

The simplest installation in the world

Choose a communication system for your lift without unnecessary cabling, which fully complies with strict European Union standards. The reliable 2N® Lift8 communicator is easy to install in any lift. Unlike competing systems, it only requires a two-wire bus to connect communication units in the shaft. This means no worries with installing new cabling.

Product highlights:

The 2N® Lift8 not only meets all applicable EU standards, but, thanks to its two-wire bus, it’s easy to install. In addition, it’s also highly modular, so you can choose the communication interface that suits you best and only choose those modules that you will use in the given installation. So you don’t pay for what you don’t need.

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Communication system for lifts - 2N® Lift8

Central Unit

  • Power supply
    100-240V; 50/60Hz; 0,75A; 60W max.
  • Backup power supply
    Internal Lead Acid Battery
  • Connection options
    4 audio units + 7 splitters + 8 I/O modules
  • Maximum distance between splitters
  • Interface for connection with lift service centre
    Choice of PSTN / GSM / UMTS / VoIP
  • Configuration and monitoring
    Voice menu / USB / remote
  • Indicators
    5x LED, three-colour
  • Dimensions and weight
    300 x 170 x 72mm, 2.7kg


  • Power supply
    24V from central unit or local
  • Capacity
    4 audio units + camera module
  • Maximum overall length of cable in shaft
  • lift block impulse
    Relay, both NO and NC contacts
  • Dimensions

Audio units

  • Connected to splitter
    2 feed wires, both voice and data
  • Inputs for buttons and alarms
  • LED signalling
    Connecting, Connection confirmed
  • Option of external microphone, speaker and LED connection
    Yes, to the audio unit in cabin
  • Numerical keypad, option of system configuration
    Yes, on the audio unit in engine room
  • Option to connect a telephone receiver in noisy environments
    Yes, to audio units in engine room and shaft
  • Visibility in shaft
    Yes, back-lit buttons

I/O Module

  • Power supply
    24V from central unit or local
  • Capacity
    4 inputs + 4 outputs
  • Inputs
    Galvanized insulation, 12 - 24V AC or DC
  • Outputs
    Relay, NO contacts, max. 250V, 5A
  • Dimensions
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