2N® Lift8

The simplest installation in the world

Choose a communication system for your lift without unnecessary cabling, which fully complies with strict European Union standards. The reliable 2N® Lift8 communicator is easy to install in any lift. Unlike competing systems, it only requires a two-wire bus to connect communication units in the shaft. This means no worries with installing new cabling.

Product highlights:

The 2N® Lift8 not only meets all applicable EU standards, but, thanks to its two-wire bus, it’s easy to install. In addition, it’s also highly modular, so you can choose the communication interface that suits you best and only choose those modules that you will use in the given installation. So you don’t pay for what you don’t need.

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Communication system for lifts - 2N® Lift8

Audio Units

Lift cabin audio unit - universal

Audio unit electronics for lift cabins, including loudspeaker and microphone (HandsFree). Necessary terminals and door opening signal input.

Lift cabin audio unit – compact

A robust, metal-encased audio unit, provided with an ALARM button of the prescribed size, including indicators for blind people and backlit pictograms (hardened glass).
Easy wall surface mounting, 16-mm thickness only. Easy installation (paired wire connection).

Audio unit – lift shaft

Audio unit to be installed in the lift shaft or upon the lift cabin roof. A robust yellow cover. HandsFree mode, ALARM and TRIPHONY buttons, indication elements. Not intended for cabin use.

Audio unit – machine room/dispatching

Audio unit for machine rooms/dispatching, including siren and keypad. Helps communicate with any audio unit in the system and program the CU (918600E) without a PC. Can be programmed as a multiple-lift communicator.

Fire audio unit

The 2N® Lift8 Fireman Unit is an audio unit that enables communication between a fire lift cabin and the fire department staging area in accordance with Czech standard EN81-72. It is activated by turning the switch to position “1” and pressing the “TALK” button, enabling you to communicate with the lift cabin.  It is supported by firmware for 2N® Lift8 version 1.6.0 and higher.

Audio unit – cabin with stainless steel panel

The electronics of the audio unit for installation in a lift cabin with a 1.5mm stainless steel cover in anti-vandal version. The original ALARM button on the lift keypad can be easily connected to the new modern audio unit for emergency communication using a two wire. The stainless steel cover includes the required pictograms and instructions for operating the alarm button.

Anti-vandal audio unit

A single-button, highly resilient audio unit. Provides communication from shaft to central control. Thanks to the IP65 and IK10 cover, it is highly resistant to dust, water and vandalism. 

Audio unit (emergency communication)

The 2N® Voice Alarm Station audio unit ensures emergency communication from the cabin roof or from the space under a cabin to a pre-set telephone number. It is a budget version of an audio unit for the 2N® Lift8 lift communicator. It does not enable conference calls from a lift shaft and is not displayed in service tools.


A 2N® Voice Alarm Station switch is necessary for connecting a 2N® Voice Alarm Station audio unit to a 2N® Lift8 lift communicator. It is supplied with connecting cables.


Central Unit Modules

GSM module

Module for central unit, GSM interface.

UMTS module

Module for central unit, UMTS interface.

PSTN module

Module for central unit, PSTN interface.

VoIP module

Module for central unit, VoIP interface.

Expansion Modules


For connection of next lift. On one central unit can be up to 8 lifts, it means up to 7 splitters. Includes contact for blocking of elevator if any failure appears.

I/O module

Module with four logical inputs, and four relay outputs. On one central unit is possible to connect up to 8 I/O modules.

Camera module

The 2N® Lift8 Camera module is the security part of a system that, in the event of an emergency or at the request of an operator, sends a visual record of the current situation inside a lift. This recording medium also stores data at pre-set intervals on a memory card and can therefore be of great help, for example, when investigating vandalism in a lift cabin. In addition, it can operate as an independent unit without being connected to the remaining components of the 2N® Lift8 system.

Induction loop

Ensures communication from lifts for people with hearing impairment. 4m antenna providing sufficient cabin coverage with signal is included in the packaging.
Ordering no.: 919621E


Overvoltage protection, RJ conectors

Protection for 2N® SingleTalk, 2N® LiftNet and 2N® Helios analog. It was developed to protect against surges especially during storms.

Overvoltage protection, terminal block

Protection for 2N® SingleTalk, 2N® Lift8 and 2N® Helios analog. It was developed to protect against surges especially during storms.

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